About the Artist

I am a Ngarluma, Karriyarra (from the Pilbara) Yawuru, Nyulnyul (from the Kimberley) Aboriginal woman living a semi-traditional lifestyle. My passion and love for country inspires my creative talents and interests.

Four amazing boys call me mama! My children are my absolute source of inspiration, the reason I love photography and art and are the reason I get up every day. My children and I love all things outdoors especially the beach, collecting shells and exploring new locations all of which inspire me to create.

My work experience since high school have varied from office and artistic environments. In year 2008 I emerged as a photographer and established a self-taught photography business. Ten years of successful business entrepreneurship has seen my small hobby type business emerge to become well known, published and reviewed State wide, Nationally and Internationally. Feature articles have described my work as ground breaking, revolutionary and artistic. I draw the natural ability and instincts and strengths from my grassroots Aboriginal community.

My strong family connections to land, people and health are embedded in my work. I envisage that art is healing and can be conceptualised to health and community programmes.  My connections to culture and family and friends have inspired me to use natural environment to create art in photography. Newborn and maternity natural light compositions are influenced by environment materials and textures to create family masterpieces which families see as heirlooms to be passed down to generations.

My maternal grandmothers personal story of her Stolen Generations experience underlies my love for maternal and country and my grandfathers story of social activism and fight for country gives me determination and pride.

I have extensive design experience and enjoy working on artistic, detailed projects in many creative mediums. I have a high level of experience working with computer software, including the Adobe Creative Suite and Macromedia. I am very skilled in the area of design, particularly in illustration, using a vast range of computer programs as well as traditional methods such as painting and sculpture. I am currently available as a freelance photographer and visual artist.

I have provided graphic design services and illustration to various companies including BHP Billiton, Combined University Centre Rural Health (CUCRH), Following the Dream partnership, Uptempo Design, Maylands Canvas, Jan Ford Real Estate, Wangka Maya, John Curtin Gallery, YMI Magazine, Print Black and my own project Milyali Art.

AWARDS 2016 WAEPPA Silver – Family Category
2016 WAEPPA Silver – Newborn Category
2015 WAEPPA Silver – Portrait Category
2015 WAEPPA Silver – Family Category
2015 FIPP Top 100 Finalists – Portrait Category
2009 Winner Poster Design Oceania Tobacco Conference
2007 YouthWeek-Peoples Choice Award, DesignIt Category
2007 Hedland Art Awards-Best Pilbara Artist Under 25
2000 Hedland Senior High School-Overall Best Artist